Swedish Learning

I have to learn Swedish now. Otherwise it’s really inconvenience. Although I did not meet any Swedes do not speak English at all. But everything by default is in Swedish. SMS send in Swedish; email send in Swedish, voice instruction in Swedish.

I learn by myself now using Rosetta Stone.
I will attend one to one Swedish course hold by Folk Universitet (People’s University). It is very expensive. Fortunately it is paid by company.
Already applied SFI (Swedish for Immigrant), have not get interviewed.

I hold that I can understand topics people talking about after one year.

I had heard that some westerners learning Chinese only by listening and speaking. I really think that would not work well.

Because Chinese pronunciation is no clue at all for westerner. But Chinese writing should be quite easy to start. There are some simple Chinese characters were designed according to how things look like. Then many other Chinese characters are composed using those simple vision Chinese characters.

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