meet fraud invoice in Sweden

I ordered an apartment cleaning service when I move out with agreed price 1600 SEK after tax deduction. I just try to avoid dealing with landlord’s complains.

While when I received the invoice, the price was more then doubled. I asked the reason why. They said that the apartment was unusual dirty and the landlord asked doing extra cleaning work.

While in my mind the apartment was absolute cleared with basic sweep. If the apartment was totally cleaning, why should I order a cleaning service. I also did not authorized the landlord to order extra cleaning work. And I also did not get question if doing extra cleaning is OK. Why did not you contact me that you can not cleaning with the agreed price, or even said that you need extra money for the service. That should be done before the cleaning.

Then they said that we don’t time to contact you. And you don’t speak Swedish.

I replied that I never said I don’t speak Swedish. I only said my Swedish is bad. I at least can understand yes or no in Swedish. Actually we had some email communication in Swedish.

A colleague helped to ask Konsumentverkets, what should I do in this case. Konsumentverkets replied that you could pay the money you agreed on, if they want get more, they can appeal.

Then I just replied that I will only pay the amount I agreed and paid it.

They made a call to me later, speak Swedish mixed English. I don’t under one key word which he spoke quite many times.

Then it was silent for a week before I received an SMS. They claimed that if I don’t pay the full amount they claimed, they will report to Kronofogden.

I called Kronofogden for advice. The lady answered that. They can report to Kronofogden. Then Kronofogden will contact me. I can refuse to pay. Then they can appeal in court if they want.

Now I am waiting for the next step.

They claimed that no hidden cost in Ad

I shared this case to couple friends. One friend said just give it up, it’s totally waste of energy. Another friend said that you can flight for it if you really want to.

Why should I spend energy on this? I don’t liked to be fooooled.

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