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Mac FaceTime no audio

Today when I facetime from Macbook Air to iPad. Always no sounds on ipad. go to System Preference->Sounds->Input check. it is normal choose internal mic phone from Facetime->Video google and find this topic。 Finder > Go Menu > Go to Folder and type ~/Library/Preferences delete and restart Face Time It works.

Swedish Learning

I have to learn Swedish now. Otherwise it’s really inconvenience. Although I did not meet any Swedes do not speak English at all. But everything by default is in Swedish. SMS send in Swedish; email send in Swedish, voice instruction in Swedish. I learn by myself now using Rosetta Stone. I will attend one to […]

System Design Using Multiple Programming Language

Every employee is expected to be a universal screw by managers, from designing system, trouble shooting, to holding customer presentation. No matter what problems happened, any employee should be able to solve it. Why there are so many types of screws in hardware shop? Why so many different gear types in a gear box? When […]


买了iphone4s之后下来高德导航。第一天测试使用从家到公司,操作还是很方便的,就是没有声音。怎么设置都没有用!下班之后搜索,发现问这个问题的人还挺多,安装各种方法试了都不行。偶然试一下插上耳机,居然有声音了!虽然不是很完美,总是能用了! 土了,最终原因居然是左边的静音按钮打开了。


昨天晚上儿子有一个数学题目。将0-9十个数字,组成两个三位数和一个四位数,使这两个三位数加起来等于那个4位数。我凑了半天实在凑不出来。就写了个scala程序排列组合一下。下面是scala程序。permutation函数用于将一个List排列。 object Math { def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = { val perm = permutations(List(0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)) var matches: List[Tuple3[Int, Int, Int]] = Nil for (v for (x